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NUC5CPYH noisy fan and Seagate 1TB hard drive power requirement.

I bought this Intel NUC - NUC5CPYH with Celeron N3050 around 10 months back. Its working fine for my needs and the only problem I'm facing is the fan is making a lot of noise now. I tried playing with fan speeds but it makes no difference. There is always a constant whining sound and If I restart the pc, the fan goes full speed and extremely noisy and the only way to stop the noise is to shutdown the pc and start it after a minute.

I searched other threads and is the only recourse to send it back for replacement? This is the only computer I have at the moment so sending something for replacement and waiting for it will waste a few weeks. Plus there is another issue, that my almost new device will be replaced by years old and worn out scuffed device which i won't like.

Can I do something at my end like -

1 - cleaning the fan and oiling it?

2 - If I buy a high speed laptop cpu cooling fan will it fit?

3 - can i change the thermal pad on cpu with higher quality thermal paste? i have cooler master thermal paste with me.

If I do 1,2,3 will it void the warranty?

Ambient temps in my room are above 30 degrees Celsius always because its summer in India now. Motherboard and cpu temps are around 40+ and 50+ respectively.

About the hard drive:

I bought a Seagate 1TB Laptop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 2.5-Inch 7mm Internal Hard Drive Model Number - ST1000LM048.

I put it in this nuc case and the nuc temps went through the roof. The temps was constantly above 55C.

I noticed that the power wires for the hdd are too thin in this. Can it power a laptop hard drive properly?

The drive seem to be under powered in the case and was making clicking noises. It died soon after - less than 10 minutes after I installed it in the case. Couldn't even install an os on it because it didn't show up in bios. The drive worked before in an external desktop dock so I think the nuc cannot give enough power to this device. The drive takes 1A power according to its specs sheet. Can the NUC power such high power sucking hard drives?

I removed the drive and been running linux off a sdcard since then.

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Answers to your questions:

  1. Don't ever add lubricant as doing so will damage the blower unit. To clean the blower, you need to (carefully!) remove the board from the chassis (you have to remove two screws to do so) and then, using a can of compressed air, blow air into the blower inlet from various angles. If it's really dirty, you should see dirty air coming out the other end of the heatsink tunnel.
  2. No, you cannot add any fans. The blower is predicated by the limited amount of space in the chassis for this.
  3. This is not a task for the uneducated. There is often a thermal pad, as well as paste, under the heatsink. You need to replace both if present.

To me, it sounds like the blower is working harder because of the ambient temperatures. There may be nothing wrong; it is just going to be louder in such temperature environments.

Yes, it can most certainly power any 2.5" drive on the market, provided that they are thin enough to fit in the drive bay (there are a few large capacity drives on the market that need more power, but these are too thick to fit into the NUC's drive bay). It sounds like this drive of yours was on the verge of failing already.

Hope this helps,



Thanks Scott.

Guess I'll have to live with the noise I think. I will clean the fan with compressed air and see how it fares.

I was having a doubt about the hard drive. Saw a lot of reviews on Amazon of it failing in laptops because it took too much power.