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NUC5PPYB bios update no HDMI

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I have 10 NUC5PPTYB. All of them were working (BIOS started on HDMI).

I updated the BIOS for two of them. I didn't write down the BIOS version that they where running but the other boards are all running versions: 


I updated them to

The logs said that the procedure went fine but after a reboot, there is no HDMI signal anymore.

The fan works but the power led after a first blue signal it switches off. If I hold the power button until the power led becomes red the light stays on with blue color.


I tried various recovery process, I tried to clear the CMOS and I tried to boot the board without the BIOS Jumper but nothing shows up on video. 


They both stopped working.

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Hello gianarb,

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We noticed that you have contacted Intel® Customer Support directly regarding the same issue here described and we found out that you have an internal support case open. In this case, we will proceed to close this thread to avoid duplication of effort and the support will continue through the internal case.


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