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NUC5i3RYK unable to access BIOS via F2 after v0367 BIOS update

The NUC is connected to a projector, and after the BIOS update to 0367 it's not possible to access the VisualBIOS any more.

BIOS Version 0367 - RYBDWi35.86A.0367.2017.0929.1059

I normally have the NUC going via a Harman Kardon AVR 151 HDMI receiver & amp, but for testing purposes I have it going

direct while updating the BIOS. There's no way to see the VisualBIOS at all since this update (or possibly earlier ones too);

I do get prompted for the BIOS password but after entering that, its black screen time indefinitely.

It *used* to work just fine, this is how this system was set up on day 1. I have no other screens in the house to use or test

with, and the projector easily goes up to 1920x1080 when the NUC boots up into FreeBSD or linux.

I shouldn't need special equipment just to check / tweak BIOS settings. There are numerous existing reports of this issue on

the forums, can somebody at Intel please note this as regression and bring us back a working VisualBIOS please? I'm sure

there will be plenty of testing going on for Meltdown/Spectre at present so this is a good opportunity to get some

visibility (snicker) on other bugs too.



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Super User

Hello Dave,

If the bios doesn't work try to recover your bios from the Configuration Menu following this steps:

1. Prepare USB stick formatted to FAT32 with Bios file

2. Disconnect the power adapter and remove the bottom cover from your NUC.

3. Remove the yellow security jumper (see Product Technical Spec, para. 2.3, page 49: ) and close the bottom cover.

4. Reconnect the power adapter and power ON the NUC. Wait 30 sec - 2min. If the memory, cable and monitor are working you shall see the Configuration Menu - similar to the attached image.

5 If you see this menu, NOW insert USB stick (prepared before) with the latest bios file -

6. Press '2' to clear all passwoards

7. Press F4 and the bios recovery will start after short time and will end after 2 -5 minutes.

8. When bios recovery completed, switch the power OFF, remove the power adapter and replace the security jumper (between pins 1-2).

Hope this will help



Thanks Leon,

Unfortunately I've already tried this; the issue is that, in all other respects, the BIOS functions - NUC boots, runs the OS. It's only that, via some HDMI systems, that used to work, it's not possible to access the VisualBIOS functions via F2. There's no need for me to re-flash it as the update itself was successful.

Super User Retired Employee

Sorry David, you're wrong. Sadly, the fact that a BIOS flash appears to be successful does not mean that everything is ok. Follow Leon's suggested process and do a BIOS Recovery. After the BIOS Recovery, I have additional steps for you to perform:

9. In subsequent POST, use F2 to enter BIOS Setup.

10. Press F9 (followed by Y) to reset the BIOS Configuration.

11. Press F10 (followed by Y) to save configuration and exit BIOS Setup.

12. In subsequent POST, again use F2 to enter BIOS Setup.

13. Make any BIOS Configuration changes you absolutely require (SATA Mode, Boot Order, etc.).

14. Press F10 (followed by Y) to save configuration and exit BIOS Setup.

Follow these additional steps exactly; do not try to combine the BIOS Setup invocations; they are this way for good reason.

Hope this helps,