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NUC5i5RYK Ethernet Connection


New here, but have had the NUC for a couple of years and it is still working (fairly) well.

I have the NUC5i5RYK (Win10 64 Pro) another PC and a Laptop (both Win10 64 Home) with various shared folders. I can access all of the shares on any of the units from the NUC but neither the PC nor Laptop can access the NUC shares - unless I remove the Ethernet cable from the NUC and connect by wireless. Then all shares are available.

I'm beginning to think it might be hardware issue as I have not been able to update the Ethernet driver recently. Current version is though both the website and the Intel Driver Update Utility says the latest version is 22.6. Have tried updating (several times) through the Utility and directly with a downloaded driver - including thorough removal of existing drivers. No luck. Even when freshly installed with the downloaded driver it says the version is again - so maybe I am not clearing everything from the NUC when removing them?

(With the Ethernet cable connected I can connect to my router for internet access.)

Has anyone else experienced this?



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I am away from my desk (by like ~5000 miles), so I cannot verify version numbers, but you need to understand that the Ethernet package contains multiple drivers for the various MAC and PHY solutions supported. As a result, the version number that you see for a particular driver is not going to coincide with the version number of the package. You thus may be seeing exactly what you are supposed to be seeing (but again, I cannot verify the numbers right now).

Considering it works when you use wireless, we know that the shares are not the issue. Why you would have support in one direction and not the other is a mystery to me, but understand that, to have one direction working means that data is still flowing in both directions. I thus do not believe that it is a physical (Ethernet interface) issue. Unfortunately, what is actually wrong is a mystery to me...

Hope this helps,



Thank you - it certainly does help. It's good to know it's unlikely to be a hardware issue in the NUC.

As for the driver version numbers, it was the Intel Driver Update Utility which "told" me I had an old version ( and should update to the new one (22.6), so I assumed that is what the PC and, especially, the Utility should be showing once updated.

The only thing I haven't changed is the Cat5 cable. I'll try that and if that doesn't change anything I guess I'll have to leave it connected via wireless.

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