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NUC5i7RYH display audio driver problems with latest driver version


I have observed this issue for a few years with my older gen 5 NUCs. If you look at the graphic in this post you see two different versions of Intel's display driver. The current release is on top and the legacy version that works is on the bottom. As you can see the Intel display audio driver is baked into the display driver installer and for some reason Intel has decided to remove most of the bit rates that were part of the old driver even thought the audio driver version is unchanged.

For my setup I run USB speakers through my Dell monitor and this has always worked well but it only seems to work with one particular bit depth and bit rate combination (24bit, 96KHz). Any other combination produces a 3 second delay in audio playback across all sources. This effectively ruins most YouTube videos as you miss the first 3 seconds of dialog that set up the rest of the video. For some reason Intel decided to remove this bit rate along with many others from the current display driver as shown in the graphic. The single remaining bit rate in the updated driver creates the 3 second audio delay issue.

Until recently I just ignored any video driver updates as I knew they would break the audio but with the latest release of Win10 it seems the old video drivers are causing strange browser display issues. So now I'm between a rock and a hard place in that I cannot fix the video issues without breaking the audio. Has anyone else experienced this issue with the gen 5 NUCs?



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