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NUC6CAY issue with pre-installed Windows 10 Home Edition


We have been testing a few of the NUC6CAY platform​s for use in a future project. The Intel hardware is excellent and is very suitable for our application, but the preinstalled Windows 10 Home Edition is quite unsuitable and causes the application to hang particularly when the automated Microsoft updates are performed.


To get proper control of the OS we would have to pay an additional CHF159.-per device to Microsoft in order to regain the WMI utilities that were disabled by Microsoft. Given the low cost of the NUC devices

that would be a foolish use of capital.


Microsoft have been contacted but have not responded preferring to ignore us. But of course, after all we are only customers.


We fully understand that Windows 10 Home Edition was not created for our particular application, but it was supplied with the platform.


We have looked through the OS support list for the NUC6CAY and can

not find any alternative OS compatibility. Does anyone know if the

NUC6CAY can operate with Windows 7 Pro?  Since our application

requires a deterministic system, we will not require future updates and other SW support.


Many thanks for your time.


Best regards


Richard Williams



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Only Windows 10 is supported on the NUC6CAY NUC family. Intel is not developing, validating or maintaining device drivers for any previous Windows versions.


The NUC6CAYS model comes with a soldered-down 32GB eMMC SSD device, a 2GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM and Windows 10 Home pre-installed.

You may also purchase the NUC6CAYH model at a much lower price, but it comes without storage, memory or O/S.