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NUC6CAYB will not power off or display an image.


Was using this NUC as a linux web server several years before it stopped responding. When connected to power the NUC is always in an ON state, blue power LED, but does not display an image (tested HDMI and VGA), connect to LAN, or respond to keyboard commands. Pressing and holding the power button does turn the NUC "off" but only until the power button is released, at which point the NUC restarts.

I have tried booting without a hard drive connected, tried resetting the BIOS by removing the BIOS jumper. I tried removing the CMOS battery. I've tried rebooting with various preipherals connected (keybooard, monitor, LAN, etc.) I cannot get to BIOS or any other settings as I cannot produce video output. Not sure what else I can try as I cannot find this issue anywhere else.

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When you power on, are you seeing any flashes on the power button LED?

Do you have the latest BIOS installed?