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NUC6CAYH Bluetooth range is unusably bad < 3 inches

My NUC6CAYH shows the same problem mentioned in " data-renderedposition="10.40000057220459_353.98126220703125_208_16" href="" modifiedtitle="true" title="Bluetooth Pairing doesn't work">

The solution provided there (uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling drivers) doesn´t work.

The NUC is only able to establish a bluetooth connection (and succesfully pair) if the device is a maximum of 2-3 inches from the NUCs plastic top. The connection is lost if going beyond that.

Both antenna leads are properly connected to the wireless card. The antenna cables themselves are properly connected to what appears to be two antennas beneath the NUCs plastic top. I de- and reattached the wifi card and antenna leads just to make sure thats not the issue.

I´m running Windows 10 Pro (1709) with the latest updates of intel drivers, bios and windows. Since i first tried using bluetooth after the Win10 Fall Creators Update i can't say whether it worked before.

Same problem in Linux Mint 18.2

Any idea what could cause this issue? Is it possible to have only the wifi card replaced under warranty?

Thanks in advance & greetings from Germany

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Community Manager

Hello JonasNUC123,

Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC Community. I am sorry to hear you are having a Bluetooth issue.

Since the issue is also present with a different operating system, it could be a hardware related behavior. The wireless card in this model is embedded, so in that case the whole unit needs to be replaced.

Please contact us directly in order to check the warranty options for your Intel® NUC, find the contact information here: Contact Support


Amy C.