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NUC6CAYH - How to monitor HDCP status?

I'm having problems streaming an Amazon Video in HD (not UHD) from my NUC to the TV.

It plays, but only in SD and I'm getting an error message "computer, cable or monitor not HDCP compliant".

The NUC should support even HDCP2.2. My TV support HDCP1.1. And the cable is HDMI1.2.

My OS is Windows 10 Pro Creators Update and I tried running the video in Edge and Chrome.

According to Amazon, there is no specific version of HDCP required for a regular HD video.

So I'm trying to find out, which component is causing the issue.

Is there any way of monitoring/visualizing, whether HDCP is running properly on the NUC?

NVIDIA seems to have such a display in their graphics settings, but I cant find anything similar on the NUC.

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Hello, Martin_HM.



Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team.



In order to help you better, I would like to gather more information about the configuration you have on the computer. Please attach to this thread the TXT file the Intel® System Support Utility will generate:



To attach a file, you must click the "Attach" option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.



In addition, I would like to have a Graphics Report. Please connect your NUC to your display and run the report using the instructions of the following link:




Antony S.
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If you are really on a HDMI1.2 cable, that's the problem! For HDCP2.2, you are supposed to have a HDMI2.0 (or better HDMI2.0b) cable.

Hope this helps,


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Hi, meanwhile I was able to find the error.

The problem is caused by the Edge browser. For whatever reason, I cant get it establishing the HDCP chain.

I tried Chrome and Firefox and both work fine.

Except for: I cant get 5.1 audio. When the movie plays in HD, it should give 5.1 surround, but it remains in 2 channel.

Afaik Amazon streams AAC and I checked with a test file that AAC in general works in Chrome.

If anybody has a suggestion on that, please provide. Otherwise we can close this thread.

N.Scott.Pearson: Sorry, wrong answer for the question. You were right if I was trying to stream 4k UHD. In this case I would need HDCP2.2. But for regular HD (1080p), any HDCP version, even the 1.1 from my 12year old Pioneer Plasma is good enough. (Says Amazon and proven by my test).