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NUC6CAYH - VPN : unable to access local network from WAN



I wanted to create a VPN on my NUC6CAYH to access my local network when I'm away from home.

So I followed this video : How To Setup a VPN in Windows 10 - YouTube

Now I can acces to my VPN through WAN but I do not have acces to my local network.

I'm running Windows 10 x64 Pro

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

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Unless you have expressly configured the VPN service not to do so, it will create the VPN tunnel and provide you with exclusive access to what's on the other side. This means that, while the VPN tunnel exists, you cannot access your local subnet resources. Most VPN services offer a configuration capability that allows you to say that you want to retain access to local resources. You need to find this configuration point and make the change.

Hope this helps,