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NUC6CAYH does not work with 4GB Crucial CT51264BF160BJ.C8FPD


My company buys NUC6CAYH units and 4GB Crucial CT51264BF160BJ units in bulk, and I have never had issues with this combination until today.


I had to order a single unit of this memory from a reseller on Newegg (TopMemory) because Newegg had none in stock, but this stick is still giving an error on boot, "Unsupported 1GB or 2GB density error". I used the memory density checking webpage on Intel's site and verified that the density should be correct, this is a 4GB stick with 4 chips on each side (for a total of 8).


There are subtle differences between the RAM, but the part #'s are as follows:


RAM that works: CT51264BF160BJ.M8FP

RAM that doesn't work: CT51264BF160BJ.C8FPD


The RAM that works is "Assembled in Mexico", while the RAM that doesn't work is labeled "Product of China". Both have Crucial/Micron stickers on them in the same location. There are some differences on the PCB, like white lines and alphanumeric characters on the stick that works, while none of that exists on the stick that doesn't.


I am wondering if this stick is counterfeit, and if not if there is something I have to do to get this to work. I have uploaded a picture of the two sticks; the upper stick is the one that does not work, while the lower is the stick that does work.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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