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NUC6CAYH wake from sleep/suspend within linux.



I have a Nuc NUC6CAYH and wake from suspend/sleep does not work from within Linux. No commands from USB keyboard or remote will wake the machine, only a press of the on button works. This is a specific issue to Linux as it will work from when Windows 10 is used. Please could you look into this and update the BIOS, I would be very grateful.

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I am sorry, but Linux is not formally supported on the NUC. The Intel Customer Support team cannot investigate issues related to Linux. You (or someone in the Linux community) will need to identify what is wrong and, if/when it can be shown to be a bug in the BIOS, it will be addressed then.



There have been other threads on here where this specific issue has been reported, and some users said that bios 42 worked, but in other Bios files since it has been broken. This clearly leads to a bug in the Bios. Please, please check. Many thanks.

This is the link:

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Hello sb2017,


Thank you for contacting us, it will be more than a pleasure to provide you with guidance on this matter.


In this case I regret to inform you that as specified by N. Scott Pearson, Linux* is not formally supported on the unit that you own.


Based on the brief description of your case, I understand that the issue is only present on Linux* and not on Windows*, right?


For this specific matter, is strongly recommend you to contact the forums/communities from your Linux* distribution, so another peer from their support can take a look at your issue and determined whether something can be done or not.


Regarding the other forums, the issue has been identified and reported as specified by one of our Intel (R) support peers, however we can not promise any ETA for a BIOS update that may contain a fix for this behavior.


I hope this helps.


Best Regards,


Diego S.