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NUC6CAYH: wmic computersystem get model,manufacturer -> nothing!

if i do this i get:

Manufacturer: <-- nothing

Model: <-- nothing

on a NUC7i3BNH i get:

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

Model: NUC7i3BNH

so i can't install it with MDT, because i need the model to install the correct drivers

i have the actual bios. can someone please correct this?

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Right or wrong, because most of the NUC products are sold as kits (and not as systems), Intel chose to leave the string fields for the SMBIOS System and Chassis Information structures blank (it is the fields of the SMBIOS System Information structure that are used to populate the WMI ComputerSystem object). For many years now, both as a member of the development team and now in retirement, I have argued for this to be corrected; that the fields should always be populated as if it was a system-level product. While I was successful getting them to do this for the Compute Sticks and for the NUCs that are sold as systems (like NUC6CAYS), I have not been successful getting them to do this for the NUCs sold as kits.

So, what can you do about this...

  • Integrators and end users, if they so choose, can use the capabilities of Intel Visual BIOS (VB) or (better) Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK) to populate these fields. With ITK, this can be automated to handle larger volumes in Integrator environments.

  • If you choose to not populate these fields yourself, there is still a reasonably consistent way to get the information that you need to automate installation with MDT. The fields of the SMBIOS Baseboard structure are populated and can be used instead. You can use the following commands to get the information that you need:

wmic baseboard get manufacturer

wmic baseboard get product

Now, the product name string you will receive is the board-level name. There are cases where this may cause confusion. For example, for both the NUC6CAYH and NUC6CAYS products, you will see string NUC6CAYB. Similarly, for the NUC7i3BNH and NUC7i3BNK products, you will see string NUC7i3BNB. Still, this should be sufficient to support MDT automation.

  • In parallel with your decision regarding what to do in the short term (whether to populate these fields yourself or use these already-populated fields), you can help me argue for this policy to be changed. While doing so here in the Communities helps, formally opening a ticket with Intel Customer Support requesting this change absolutely ensures that your opinion gets to the development team and its management.

Hope this helps,


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We are an enterprise customer and bought our NUCs for business use.

They also do not have these basic standard WMI identifiers.

Your detailed explanation - is that confirmed in writing from Intel as their strategy or have you drawn a conclusion from your knowledge of experience with them?

I cannot see that even the "its a kit" argument holds any water though tbh (nearly all consumer grade machines i have encountered have this), why would you not stamp this basic info in the fw, other than because Intel produce less units and (from my experience of other OEMs) appear to me to be a bit green around the gills when it comes to the devices and enterprise support. They have some catching up to do i think.

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If you want Intel to confirm, you will have to ask them. I am saying this has been how they have handled it all along (it's the difference between L6 and L10 handling). They have made some changes (for example, always providing UUID) and I have asked them to do more; we'll see if this happens. If you have an opinion you want them to hear, contact Intel Customer Support directly and open a ticket...