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NUC6CAYS hook to Smart TV but constantly encounter prompt "could not complete update during booting/shutdown. Requires numerous restarts.


PC specs: 3 Intel NUC6CAYS with additional 4 DDR Ram and 250/500GB SSD for additional storage in each unit. Wireless connection via router (optical fibre)

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This is a NUC6CAYS, which means that, unless you have changed things, it is using the built-in eMMC SSD (though that title is a gross over-representation of its capabilities) as its system drive. This drive is small, only 32GB, and, unless you have specifically retargeted where new content is saved, it is subject to (quickly!) filling up and updates may not install because there simply isn't enough space to support the process. If this is the case, you can use the Windows Disk Cleanup app in an attempt to try and free up enough space. If that doesn't work, you can change the drive on which new content is saved and you can move already-installed applications to this drive:


  1. Go to Settings / System / Storage and then click on Change where new content is saved. Select the secondary drive for each category presented.
  2. Go to Settings / Apps / Apps & features and then, for each app installed, click on its entry and then select Move to move it to the secondary drive.


Hope this helps,