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NUC6i5SYH No boot with an SDD and HDD inside


Dear community.

i had just bought an SDD to speed up the boot.

if the SDD memory is alone with the HDD removed the boot is very fast .

If the HDD is alone it work well also .

When the SDD and HDD are together in the box the boot is very very slow and sometime don't find boot sector

is there any specific setting when there are 2 hard drive inside?

do i need to set à master/slave drive .

i update the bios with the last version (SYSKLI35.86A 0073.2020.0909.1625)

Thank you for your help

my config is:


8 GO

SDD 970 EVO NVMe M2 500Go

HDD toshiba 2.5 1To

Ubuntu 20.04

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Are both the SSD and HDD bootable?

Please enter BIOS (press F2 when you see the Intel Logo) , Advanced > Boot > Boot Priority and change the boot order in the list, drugging the SSD to be on the top. Click on F10 (Y), to save settings and exit from BIOS.



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Hello @Orveo

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