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NUC6i5SYH hangs on Linux and Windows. Firmware updated.


I'm having problems with that NUC from the very beginning. Looks like when CPU reaches certain temperature it hangs. When hang occurs while display is blank, is stays blank. When there's image, the image is distorted and flickers.


NUC I5-6260U/8GB/256-SSD.

G6SY63200QM2 H87090-504


I update BIOS but it didn't help a bit.


The fun part, Intel says the warranty is still active for almost a year, but I cannot create any warranty/support/RMA request because web page says "this product is discontinued".


I'd be grateful for any suggestion on howto go from here.

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  1. Your NUC is covered by 3 years of international warranty.
  2. Please check warranty coverage on this page: .
  3. By the way, NUC6i5SYH is not on the list of discontinued products yet:
  4. You may contact Intel Customer Support directly using your phone. The following links below will help you to find the closest phone number for your country: