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NUC6i7KYK Replacement Fan??


Can't find a listing for a replacement fan. I do see RMA's listed for this problem, but is it still covered? Can anyone tell me what you've done?

Mine is whining and stops every once in a while.

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Hello dnitta,

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If your unit experiences these behaviors, the fan assembly on the Intel® NUC is failing:

  • Grinding noises when fan spins, like ball bearings going bad
  • Knocking and ticking, like a fan blade is hitting something
  • Fan squealing
  • Loud rattling noise

To address this issue, please check out the following options:



Option 1: Receive and install a new fan.


You can request a replacement fan kit and replace the fan yourself. Review the fan replacement instructions before deciding on this option.

Option 2: Request an RMA replacement for the entire Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK.

Submit a warranty replacement for the Intel NUC.

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I had the same problem. My fan was buzzing a lot, I could stop it by rotating the nuc or knocking on the roof. After few days it became louder and i couldnt stop it anymore so i went to the forums and found someone saying they fixed it by lubricating the fan. So i tried to do that and my fan stopped working. Is there any way to get spare fan. I dont even know if warranty still applies after i did something that stupid.


Fans weren't available until January 2019 according to the Support agent. He suggested that I send my NUC in and have another one sent to me. I opted for them to send me one first and sent mine back to them. I was charged for the new one( And I mean New!) and was refunded when they received the old one.

I did the same thing you did but went one step further. I tried to open the fan to see if I could fix it. Pretty much destroyed it. A broken fan is a broken fan! Go and get a new NUC!


I probably did more less the same thing as you, i took the thingies holding the metall top ot the fan so i could access the fan and put something like wd 40 on the part which connect the motor and the fan itself. So warranty still applied, it didnt count as physical damage?


Didn't void the warranty. I'll try to find my documentation and post it here for you.



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  • Please save the Tracking/Waybill Number for tracking purposes in case of loss or damage.
  • Return the defective unit using the Prepaid Return Label within 30 days.
  • On the outside of the box, include 1) NAME, 2) ADDRESS and 3) RMA Number.
  • If Intel receives the defective unit within 30 days from the charge date, the refund will be applied to the same credit card charged.
  • Both charges ($25 + product cost) will be processed in a single transaction.
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Im going to try do the same thing as you did. Thanks!!