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NUC6i7KYK just quit mid sessoin and now has no power


I've had my skull canyon since it first launched and it has been a great workstation running windows 10 mostly.

I have been working on building an install of Rocky Linux 9, installed on a USB SSD, for the purpose of taking advantage of Intel Quick Sync.

I finally figured out my last hurdle this afternoon and while documenting the steps for a friend who has the identical NUC, my NUC powered off and I have not been able to get any sign of life from it.

I removed RAM and NVMe drives as well a all peripherals, and with just the power supply plugged in, pressed the power button and got nothing, not even a twitch of the fan. 

Power supply works fine in a NUC7.

I have never seen such an abrupt and complete failure in an computer before, without any logical reason for it. 

When I removed the RAM and SSDs I looked for scorch marks or any smell of electrical burning and found none.

Is there anything I can hope for?

Is it possible that a failure of the fan would cause such a shut down and refusal to power up?

Again, I get no lights, no fan movement, nothing.

To reproduce what I am seeing, disconnect a NUC from power and press the power button. That is the nothing I'm seeing, but with power connected.


thanks for reading...

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Hello LorenzoVM,

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Sad to see, but it *is* 6 years old. Only thing I can suggest is to try another (read: different) 120W power supply.


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This may be acceptable for some whom are content to send electronics to landfills, however age should NEVER dictate failure. I have many systems that are much older, including the laptop that I am currently using, which, with a new battery, is running as well as it ever has.

I have four other NUCs and the power supply from this one works fine on others, and their power supplies do not produce any different results on this NUC.  All things point to an issue with the board itself.  I am hoping it is something I'll be able to repair, if I can trace the issue and find a replacement component.  I was just hoping there was some experience out that that would shorten this task.

Aforementioned objection aside, I do appreciate your responding.

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maybe you have the same problem that I just had the last week. It’s a “well know” issue on this motherboard, with the power on the motherboard. For see the problem you must remove the motherboard and look near the jack where is coming the 19v. You will see a small capacitor burned if you have this problem.

I send it to repair, and hope that they can……


Mine is only 5 years old….. Not normal at this price…….


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That is a great video, and looks like a great channel, if only I understood German.

I looked at the board in great detail and couldn't find any smoking gun as to the problem.  No capacitor, transistor, resistor, chip or anything else I can see.

Were you able to get yours repaired?

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