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NUC6i7KYK unable to boot with Intel Turbo Boost enabled

Hey everyone,

I've RMA'd a NUC after having spent way too much time to figure out why it was unable to boot.

I just received a new unit and am facing the same problem, the NUC is unable to boot Win10 when Turbo Boost is enabled in BIOS. If it's disabled everything works as expected.

Latest BIOS update done (0050). Also I seem unable to downgrade to 0041 (was shipped with that BIOS) via Power-Button BIOS Recovery (F4).

Is nobody else facing this issue? I can live with Turbo Boost disabled but since it's technically the highend NUC I'm not sure whether I should accept this.


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Community Manager

Hi pkevin,



I understand the Intel® NUC NUC6i7KYK does not boot to the operating system if Intel® Turbo Boost is enabled. I am sorry to hear this situation, let me help you on this matter.



I will need to do a research about this issue because I see on the BIOS release notes 0050 that you indeed cannot roll back to a previous BIOS version due to security enhancements.



I will come back as news become available. Thank you for your patience.



Allan J.
Community Manager

Hi pkevin,



Thank you for your patience, I have been trying to replicate this issue but I did not get same results.


I tried BIOS 0050 and the same Intel® NUC model, turbo boost enabled and the computer booted just fine.


I apologize for the inconvenience, I recommend contacting the Intel warranty department for warranty options for the Intel® NUC.





Allan J.