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NUC6iKYK Blank Screen


Prior to this, I had never had any issues with graphics on my NUC61KYK. However, about a month ago, I started getting intermittent, momentary blanks screens on my NUC6i7KYK. It got progressively worse since then and is not to the point where the screen is blank constantly and the monitor input receives no HDMI input and goes in to power saving mode. I have tried installing every Iris Pro 580 graphics driver going back to 6519 up to and including Beta driver 8691. I have also let the Intel Driver & Support Assistant choose and install the driver. I contacted chat support and let the support agent remotely connect to my computer. They attempted to installed driver 8141. I have tried two different monitors: Samsung S27R350FHN and Samsung S27F352FHN both using HDMI ports. I also tried a complete OS re-installation. Nothing has been successful in resolving the issue.

All of this being said, the monitor works fine when I am in BIOS UEFI, Windows Safe Mode or if I uninstall the graphics driver via Device Manager and run things with the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver. After the chat support agent attempted their fixes, they said the NUC needs to be replaced, I assume because of a hardware issue. My question is, can this be true if the NUC still works when in Safe Mode or with the basic Windows display driver? Can this be a hardware issue or is it a driver issue?

I am attaching the SSU and report from the IDSA but keep in mind these were run with only the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter running as that is the only way to see the monitor to run these.


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