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NUC7CJYH simply does not work property. Why go to market with this not thoroughly tested?


I really don't have a question per se as I have given up. I bought a NUC7CJYH four days ago. I bought a Gigabyte Brix over five years ago. Setting up the Brix took 10 minutes, and Windows did the rest. It has been on nearly continously in our office for over five years! I bought the NUC thinking "name brand, i.e. Intel" and was highly disappointed. First, it began to install Windows 10 Pro (New USB out of the box from Office Depot) , and got to a problem because of Wi-Fi - - - the NUC had no drivers. The Brix had drivers. I had to stretch a Ethernet cable to it to download files. After installing windows, I went to the restroom and came back and a BSOD was up, kicking it into recovery mode. Not a single recovery option worked as it was suppsed. Couldn't get to command prompt, couldn't repair, nothing. EVERY reload attempt provided me with a different BSOD with a different code0xc000001 to 0xc0000428, and more. I have researched over 22 BSOD codes, and various missing files that turned out to actually BE THERE! I returned to the store and bought so called compatiable RAM and a completely clean hard drive. This new hard drive, upon attempting to load it immediately kicked into a Windows recovery BSOD even though it was completely blank! I down loaded a media creation USB from Microsoft's website, it too kicked into BSOD. The NUC claimed uncanny things such as shutting down for thermal spikes, even though the system had been off for 30 minutes while I changed parts. Yesterday, I deceided that it must have been the upgrades to the BIOS and other Intel software why it would not come back on. I turned every option off in the BIOS from Secure Boot to the start up beeping noise. I finally got it to load. I got Windows on it, copied my files and thought I was good to go. This evening when I came in, it was in Recovery mode again, after just siting and doing nothing for 8 hours. I have decided to return this product and get something else, probably another Brix seeing how reliable they are and how the NUC has wasted four days of my life!

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So, how long have you worked for Gigabyte?<G>





LOL...That's funny! I don't work for them, I do graphic design. That's why I need this computer up and running and it won't even run Windows properly.