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NUC7I3BNKL: Media test failure, check cable


Dear all, I am grateful for your help in advance.

I thought buying a NUC just 4 months ago, Win10, keeping the SSD in-brand with a 128gb SSD would be fool-proof for my ageing father system.

The system was working flawlessly, until he reports to me the error: PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable.

He said it fixed itself once, and then since then continuing failure now.

I go into the bios and with UEFI Boot, there is no 'boot drive'.

But when I look in the chipset SATA controller: I can see M.2 NVME SSD: "Intel SSDPEK...." drive listed.

I pulled out the ram and m2 card and re-fitted it. still same error.

I presume this is either the M2.SSD or the NUC?

Im guessing it could be a problem with the NUC, as the M2 is recognised in SATA controller, but not able to locate a boot drive.

Im trying to work out what to return / RMA.

Many thanks for your help


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I would let Intel sort that out. I would RMA both the NUC unit and the M.2 SSD. Contact Intel Customer Support directly to make arrangements for this.