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NUC7PJYH - Need Windoze 8 drivers, but ONLY Win10 supported?


I have an NUC7PJYH which I installed Win 8.1 Pro x64 on, and it IS booting and running fine, but I cannot update the graphics driver, as Intel ONLY list Win10 drivers for this NUC.

Is there any workaround for this?

I know it might be hard to believe, but not EVERYONE on the planet wants to run P.O.S. Windoze 10.  With every update, W10 gets slower and slower, and 8.1 Pro WITHOUT the drivers, is way, WAY faster then my other fully up to date NUC running W10.  Both NUC's are quad-core J5005 Pentium Silver based, with 8GB RAM and WD 500GB SSD's.  Basically, I bought the new NUC, with the intention of installing Win8 and DOWNGRADING from Win10, cos it has become such a pig after a couple of years of forced updates bogging down the machines' performance.

I hate W10, and I simply will keep using the unit under Win8.1 Pro without graphics drivers if I have to, but that will probably put a crimp on the graphics performance, without the correct drivers and just using the Microsoft generic driver.  Win8 installed drivers for the Gb Ethernet, SD card reader, sound etc, but not the graphics, Bluetooth or WiFi.  I don't care about BT or WiFi, as I don't use them, so don't really care about drivers for components I won't be using anyway, but a graphics driver would have been nice.

I am kinda surprised that Intel DON'T seem to support anything other then P.O.S. Win10 on this NUC(and probably many others).  Win10 is NOT the best OS you can choose from, and Intel DID used to give you a choice of other Microsoft Windoze versions in their driver downloads....   

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ONLY windows 10 is supported on 7th gen and later processors.  This has been the case for four years, and is a Microsoft rule:



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