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NUC7PJYH crashes/freezes within minutes with Ubuntu 16.04.6 and BIOS 53, how can I downgrade the bios to 50.


I bought two NUC7PJYH's for the Ubuntu 16.04 support.

Installation went fine on the first NUC.

After updating the bios to version 53 the system would freeze within minutes sometimes with scary kernel panic messages on the terminal.

Downgrading to 52 worked but would lead to kernel panics while booting.

Can't download older bios versions to downgrade to.

The second NUC7PJYH also had no problem with the Ubuntu 16.04.6 installation. It's running bios version 50.

This NUC seems to be stable, nothing froze so far.


Where can I download the 50 bios version? So I can downgrade the first NUC to see if this resolves the issues?




Tim Blokdijk

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Sorry, only BIOS versions 52 and 53 are available.


What process did you follow? Did you install Linux before the BIOS upgrade? If not, have you tried a fresh Linux install?



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