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I just received the NUC7PJYH I ordered from Amazon India. But upon inspecting the content I was surprised to find that there is no power cord. There was a power adapter. But no power cord to connect it to the socket. So I searched around Intel site and found this page: Power Cord Options for Intel® NUC Products According to that page, the one I bought doesn't include the power cord and I have to buy it separately! So again I searched around and found this one recommended by Amazon itself: Gizga Essentials Laptop Power Cable Cord- 3 Pin Adapter Isi Certified(1 Meter/3.3 Feet) - Buy Gizga Essentials Laptop Po… So I just want to know if it is the correct one? If not then please point me towards the correct one.



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This is correct; Intel does not make product SKUs that include the power cords necessary for every country in the world. You need a cord that adapts from your wall A/C outlet to the power brick's A/C inlet. The connector for the power brick's end of the cord looks correct to me. I have no idea what the other end needs to look like, however, but you should be able to answer that.

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Thank you. If you check the Intel link I posted, there is India specific model listed (BOXNUC7PJYH5) which includes Indian power cord. If I knew before that Intel is also selling products without a power cord, I'd have looked for that India specific model. But this is my first NUC, so it's a lesson learned I guess.

About the cord, I only wanted confirmation about the power brick connector (it's also called Mickey Mouse connector, right?), cause I already know that other end is India specific.

So thanks again.