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NUC7PJYH questions


Why NUC7PJYH is not mentioned on forum categories, along with NUC7CJYH?

NUC7PJYH driver/BIOS downloads are not available yet, NUC7CJYH has downloads available, both are on preorder sale already.

What about HDR, I know someone from Intel told already that HDR not supported on June Canyon NUCs, but I wonder why? Hardware can handle it, and you would get more customers, yes because of one important feature, so why not?

Also latest .4944 GPU driver doesn't seem to support Gemini Lake, even earlier version .4901 did support Gemini Lake. Why?

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Community Manager

Hello TommK,



I understand that you have some questions regarding our June Canyon NUCs. It will be more than a pleasure to help you out with the information that we have so far.


To answer your questions in sequence, here is the information that we have at the moment:


Our June Canyon NUCs are displayed on the forum categories since those are pretty new devices, meaning that some of the support areas are pretty limited. We are working in order to go ahead a provide full support as soon as possible and to add it to the different categories available at


However you fill find all the information available regarding the units (technical specs) here:


The drivers for the unit are not available in our Download Center just yet since the unit comes optimized with the latest releases (driver-wise) for each unit. As soon as any issue is detected, a new driver or BIOS (depending on the behavior of the unit) will be released in order to get it fixed.


Our June Canyon NUCs will not support HDR due to the CPU installed on them:


Intel® NUC Kit NUC7CJYH : Intel® Celeron® Processor J4005 (Intel® UHD Graphics 600)


Intel® NUC Kit NUC7PJYH : Intel® Pentium® Silver Processor J5005 (Intel® UHD Graphics 605)


These units come with embedded graphics that do not support HDR since it is a feature that is currently supported just with Core processors


Here you will find our HDR whitepaper:


The reason why our 4944 drivers do not support Gemini Lake while 4901 does it's basically because there are different branches with different instructions, [15.65] and [15.60] respectively, meaning that 4901 is intended to support Gemini Lake while the "newest" one is not.


In case that you need assistance or support with Gemini Lake, the drivers that are still launched and ready to use will be our 4901 drivers


Hope this helps,



Best Regards,



Diego S.





Community Manager


Hello TommK,



I was taking a look to your case and I was wondering if you have any other question or concern?


Please reply back through this thread, in case that you need more assistance.



Best Regards,


Diego S.