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NUC7i3BNH Stuttering Youtube @1080p & Plex



I have a NUC7i3BNH with an i3-7100u, HD 620, Samsung 850 Evo SSD, and 8GB (1x8) DDR4 at 2400MHZ. It is running Windows 10 Pro and is freshly installed.

It has some decent specs for it to be a streaming machine for my Sony 4K HDR TV connected with HDMI 2.0 at 3840x2160 and HDR. 

I believe there is a problem with the iGPU or idk.. Indeed, I can stream Youtube video, but they are so laggy! Even at 1080p, 2k, or 4k. The videos keep stuttering and my NUC is peaking with its CPU and GPU. On average, 95% for the CPU and 60% for the GPU (Video decoding at 15-20%, mainly 3D is taking resource). Please note there is only one tab opened with no other software opened other than the browser.

On the other hand, the same problems arise with Plex. I can play 4K HDR Remux files (50GBs or 80GBs in size) with TrueHD audio or DTS, but they keep stuttering with its resources peaking at its maximum.

I am surprised, as my laptopS on i5-8250u and i7-8550u with UHD 620 are doing great. I can have 40 tabs with 8K Youtube without any problem and play any movie with Plex.

Here are the things I have tried:

  • Updating drivers with Intel support & Assistant
  • Using Chrome, Edge 2020, Firefox
  • Uninstalling the HD 520 drivers and reinstalling them
  • Installing the DCH drivers and using the beta one
  • Using the h264ify Chrome extension (same problem with YouTube)
  • Using Ethernet
  • Putting the Nuc to High performance instead of balanced power saving
  • Assigning more graphical memory in the BIOS
  • Rebooting
  • Updating Windows 10
  • Disconnecting all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and using VNC, RDP, or a KVM (Barrier)
  • Deactivating Windows Security (AV)

Please let me know if you have any idea and if it is normal. I really want this problem fixed...

Thank you,

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