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NUC7i3BNK/ TV screen starts flickering when refresh is more than 30Hz and HDR enabled


Hi there,

I was wondering why when I connect the NUC to the samsung TV (8000 series) and activate the HDR option, the screen starts to flicker if the refresh rate is higher than 30Hz.

Is a hardware limitation of the NUC? or maybe I don't have a proper HDMI cable?


I have the latest graphics drivers installed (intel uhd 620) and theoretically the cables are 2.0.


When in Samsunt TV the HDMI "input signal plus" is not activated, HDR option does not appear (8 bits and YCbCr 420) :

01 Sin hdmi plus activado.jpg


When I activate on Samsung TV the "input signal plus"  (color format change to RGB):

02 sin SDR a 360hz 8bit.jpg


With "input signal plus" and HDR enabled starts flickering (don't know why changes "8 bits with color interpolation") :

03 Con HDR 10bit 60hz.jpg


With "input signal plus" and HDR enabled to 30Hz stops flickering (change to 10bit RGB.. don't know why, again hehe):

03 Con HDR 10bit 30hz.jpg




Best Regards!

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At the DisplayPort level, using HDR 3840×2160 at 60Hz (4:4:4 subsampling) requires a transmission data rate of 15.68 Gb/s. The DisplayPort 1.2 signal is capable of supporting 17.28 Gb/s, so reasonable headroom available. On the other side of the LSPcon IC,  which converts from DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0, however, the signal is only capable of supporting 14.4 Gb/s. Now, the spec says this can, in theory, still work if you drop down to 4:2:0 subsampling.

The disconnections you see are an indication that communication is still breaking down (i.e. so much for in-theory). This was a problem with the 7th gen processors. The special 6286 driver was supposed to patch and correct this issue but, as you have seen, it doesn't do a great job of doing so. Worse, the patch doesn't work with the subsequent (DCH) drivers, so that isn't a path to a solution either. If a better cable doesn't do the job, I know of no other alternatives.





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Hi @d_k,


It is just an FYI. 


Which NUC11 are you looking at? There are 3 different families. 


One thing I can tell you is that we stand behind our products, if you purchase the 11th gen NUC and you do have issues, as long as you're within the warranty period, we'll make it right.


Hi @Chris_V_Intel 


NUC11PAKi , NUC11TNKi  in i3 or i5 version.



Sorry not want to be annoying @n_scott_pearson  I'm thinkin on update the NUC to NUC11PAKi3 or NUC11TNKi3 (or fifth generation) but I saw that two of them have hdmi 2.0 (one a and the other b type) so I'm gonna be reproduce the same situation or scenario as with the nuc7i3 of 14.4 Gb/s.?


Best regards.