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NUC7i5BNH Screen blinking


I have recently set up NUC7i5BNH in each of 5 different dance studios directly to our Samsung 70 inch TVs (model UN75MU8000F).  We use it to screen Zoom for dance classes in each room.   All of the TVs blink on and off occassionally when in use and one seems to be giving us more problems - It will not stop and it will barely allow for us to use the computer and disrupts communication.

It got worse after I followed previous advice in these forums and did the Firmware updates for the HDMI, and the BIOS and graphics updates.  I also changed to high quality HDMI cables.   It is unusable at this point and I am very frustrated trying to figure out what the fix is.  I simply can not have the Monitor/TV going blank in the middle of classes.  

Please let me know what is suggested.....or do I just return them?  Thank you


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Graphics Driver Update? There are no updates. You should be running version Any later version could have issues on any of the BN NUC models.

You will need to manually uninstall the existing driver package and then install the old package. Use this process:

  1. Download the executable for installing version (from here:
  2. Disconnect the NUC(s) from the Internet.
  3. From Device Manager, right-click on the entry for Intel UHD Graphics and select uninstall Device. In the Uninstall dialog, select Delete the driver software for this device and then click on Uninstall.
  4. Reboot when instructed (keeping Internet disconnected).
  5. Install version package downloaded earlier.
  6. Reboot when instructed.
  7. Reconnect internet.
  8. Test.

I would do this on the worst of the bunch and see if it alleviates the problem (it should).

Hope this helps,



Thank you.

Unfortunately -  it did not work (although I thought it did....).  I had it running for about 30 minutes.  Shut the machine down, came back to finish mounting some things - including a Mixer/microphone.  I had it all mounted and wires nice and neat tucked away......looking great!  Then I turned it on to test everything again - And here comes the blinking.  It looses all connection including sound for 2-3 seconds and is vary random.  We use zoom and I was playing some recorded sessions from zoom back and it started blinking more and more.   

I also checked and the driver update is still in place and it states its working properly.  COuld it be another issue....

I read on another thread that it took someone using USB-C to HDMI to stop it....?  Thoughts?  

As I sit and type this is seems to calm, but as soon as I close or select another program it starts to randomly blink - but noticed it more when I was scrolling the screen.....could the usb connection with the mixer or my wireless mouse/keyboard impact this?

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First of all, have you tried replacing the HDMI cable? Even if using only 1080p or 1440p signal, a good quality 2160p (HDMI 2.0a) cable will work better.

If that doesn't work, you can try a good quality USB-C-to-HDMI adapter or cable. Make sure it is one that specifically says that it supports 4K@60Hz and Thunderbolt 3. Here's an example: 



Hope this helps,