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NUC7i5BNH after bios update doesn't boot anymore



have a NUC7i3BNH and today I did a bios update from 0063 to 0065 (BNKBL357.86A), I did the update from the bios menu. Everything seemed to work fine but the last step (can't remember the name) I saw a failed.. the nuc rebooted and then I couldn't make it work anymore.

I passed all day looking for info on how to do the recovery and followed all the procedures I could find from the official doc:

To discussions about very similar issues:



Nothing is working. the current situation is this:

The nuc has only one RAM DIMM inserted. I formatted several USB keys with the bios file on them (I tried the last 4 versions).

Security bios jumper off, right now, it wont turn on. I connect the power, the power button is orange, I press it it flashes blue and then turns off.

Security bios jumper 1,2 turns on but it loops every 30 seconds or so

jumpers 3,4 same thing.

No video output (I have a USBC and hdmi monitor, nothing on both ports).

I have the feeling this unit is done... I bought it a little more than 1 month ago and used it only a few times...

Thank you for any suggestions.


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Two things to try...

1. Unplug power brick from A/C. Wait 1 minute. Plug in and try powering on.

2. Remove SODIMM and then power back on. Do you see three pulses from the Power LED?



Hello Scott,

Thank you for your answer and sorry for this late reply.

I did try that, and yes the power led was flashing as you said. I ended up sending back the NUC for refund, I am just waiting for it and will most probably find an alternative for my project (I already found another box that suits my needs that is not the NUC). Thanks anyway.