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NUC7i7BN and NUC7i5BN same chassis?


I'm trying to buy a fanless case for my NUC7i7BN, but I can't find any for sale. Are the NUC7i7BN and NUC7i5BN similar enough that I could get away with using a fanless NUC7i5BN case without much modification (drilling a hole or two would be acceptable)? Thanks!

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Hi ben158,




I understand you are looking for fanless case for the Intel® NUC7i7BN model. Let me help you on this matter.



I was able to find the following information:



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Hope it helps.


Allan J
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No! A fanless chassis designed exclusively for the NUC7i5BNB should not be used with the NUC7i7BNB. The thermal dissipation capability of the chassis is tuned to the i5 processor and it simply cannot dissipate heat fast enough to handle the i7 processor (which has almost double the TDP).



Thank you!

I contacted Akasa, and they told me essentially the same thing. They said they had a case that would fit it mechanically, but wouldn't be able to dissipate heat fast enough.

I'm wondering, though, if it might work if I cut out the bottom of the fanless chassis, added a fan where the SATA drive would go, and mounted another fan on top (since the fanless chassis is just a giant heatsink, pumping air through it should solve the problem of the higher TDP). While adding fans to a fanless chassis might sound like defeating the purpose, I'm trying to cut down on noise, and I suspect two large fans running at a slower speed would be quieter than the stock Intel fan (a small fan running at a very high speed). Any thoughts?