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NUC7i7BNH freezing on workload / not with Hyperthreading off

Hi Intel-Team,

we have bought around 80x Intel NUC7i7BNH for our company, all with the same configuration and all with the same customized basic-installation of windows 10 Professional.

- Intel NUC7i7BNH

- 256GB m.2 SATA-SSD Samsung MZNLN256HMHQ PM871a

- 1x 16GB DDR4-2133 RAM Samsung M471A2K43BB1-CPB

- BIOS-Version 0052

We have problems with several freezing NUCs, some working fine (SSU Example: and some just freezing (SSU Example:

For more understanding, I mean a system that just stop working with a freezed screen, non functioning mouse and keyboard and no reaction on the power button unless I press it for 10 seconds to hard reset it.

- We installed the systems after updateing the BIOS to version 0048 and later to 0052.

- I "cross-changed" the peripheries (RAM, SSD, PSU) between my both testing machines the freezing was always on the same System

- I installed a Crucial MX200 m.2 SSD instead with the same freezing again

- we recognized that the systems only freezed, when the automatized McAfee-Antivirus fullscan of the system (McAfee Enterprise 8.8) was running and with that run the prozessor ist at 85-100% load, but ...

... 1. the "OK"-System have a lower workload with ~60-90% as mentioned don't freeze

... 2. without that active scan but with active On-Access-Scanner, with AIDA stresstest (CPU at 100%) the System is stable

... 3. without that active scan but with active On-Access-Scanner, with AIDA stresstest (CPU at 100%) AND several copyjobs the System is freezing after a short period

... 4. without that active scan but with DEACTIVATED On-Access-Scanner, with AIDA stresstest (CPU at 100%) AND several copyjobs the System is stable

... 5. now I deactivated Hyperthreading in BIOS and the freezings are gone

Now I am totally confused because it seems that it is no thermal problem, no SSD problem, no memory problem, no McAfee problem nor a combination of it, especially since the known hyperthreading-issue should be fixed with BIOS version 0047

I am not sure how much of our Systems are affected since not every user is reporting properly or sees that problem as the same because we have the BSOD-problem too when the System send the monito to sleep and do not wake it up again (except the energie-savings are deactivated).

btw. I obliterated the IP-Informations in the SSU-Files.

I appreciate some help and/or informations about that issue.

With kind regards DarkTapo

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Community Manager

Hello DarkTapo,



Thank you for contacting Intel® technical support. I will be more than happy to help you.



I understand that you are having issues with the Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH.



Regarding the system freezing with McAfee* antivirus, we will need to check some more information. Please run a stress test with both the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool and with Prime95*, and let us know the results.



To download the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool, please follow the next link:



To download Prime95*, please follow the next link:



It is also necessary to check if your memory module meets the requirements for the Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH. You can check this information with the memory manufacturer, and compare it with the information provided in the Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH Technical Product Specification (page 21):



Regarding the BSoD problem, we are going to check that in our labs, but please confirm if the issue is happening by setting up the sleep mode in the monitor only, or in the operating system itself.






Xavier A.

Dear Xavier A.

thank you for the responding.

Attached is the result-file "TestResults_Full" from the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool.

The tests run without freezing, same with Prime95.

According to the Information on Page 21 Point 1.4 Table 4 the Memory should be supported, but I am no Memory-Engineer and maybe misunderstood the informations in the sheet linked below.

And as I already mentioned all the NUCs have the same equiptment so the memory works fine in several NUCs

SO - DIMM Capacity 16384 MB

Configuration: DS

SDRAM Density: 8 Gbit

SDRAM Organization Front - side/Back - side: 1024 M X8/1024 M x8

Number of SDRAM Devices: 16

-->your link:

Component Composition: (1Gx8)x16

SDRAM Density and Banks: 8Gb, 4BG&4Banks

-->Samsung-Website: M471A2K43BB1 - PC DRAM - DDR4 SODIMM | Samsung Semiconductor Global Website


edit: there is no sleep mode available in the monitor, the energy saving mode I mentioned is in the operating system itself. Problem here is that I can not say if the BSoD problem is related to the freezing problem, because it is simply possible the system freezes while the monitor was in sleep mode.

edit2: we tested a new version of McAfee Enterprise 10.5.2 (with default settings) and there is the same freezing situation.

kind regards

Community Manager

Hello DarkTapo,



Thank you for the information. We will be replicating the issue in our labs to be able to look for a solution for you.



Please have in mind that it may take around a week to get a result, but we will contact you to keep you updated.






Xavier A.


No change after updating the BIOS from version 0052 to version 0054.

Community Manager

Hello DarkTapo,



Thank you for your patience. We tried to replicated the issues in our laboratories. However, the system did freeze or showed a BSoD after sleep mode, and the system did not freeze when performing a CPU stress test.



Regarding your situation with the BSoD after sleep mode, our recommendation would be doing a clean installation of the latest graphics driver for the Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH.



Please follow the steps below to uninstall the graphics driver:
  1. On the keyboard, press WinLogo key + R, then type in devmgmt.msc
  2. Expand the Display Adapters section.
  3. Find the Intel® Graphics Driver. The driver can also be called the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver (Intel® GMA Driver).
  4. Right-click the Intel Graphics Driver and select Uninstall.
  5. Select the check box Delete the driver software for this device.
  6. Reboot the computer after the uninstall process has finished.
Please follow these steps in order to update the graphics driver:
  1. Download the graphics driver ZIP file:
  2. Unzip the file to a designated location or folder.
  3. Right-click Windows Start icon and open Device Manager.
  4. Click Yes when prompted for permission from User Account Control.
  5. Expand the Display adapters section.
  6. Right-click the Intel® graphics entry and select Update Driver Software.
  7. Click "Browse my computer for driver software".
  8. Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".
  9. Click "Have Disk".
  10. Click "Browse".
  11. Access the designated location or folder, and access a folder called "Graphics".
  12. Select the file called "igdlh64" or "igdlh".
  13. Click Open, then click OK, and finally click Next. Drivers are now being installed.
  14. Reboot your computer.
Regarding the system freezing when running the McAfee* Enterprise 8.8 antivirus, we were unable to replicate it specifically with this antivirus. However, to further assist you with your situation, I will be escalating this forum thread to the next level of support to be able to look for a workaround, and we will contact you back as soon as possible.






Xavier A.

Hello DarkTapo,

I checked the SSU files and I see nothing there.

Some comments:

1- Are the systems working okay and the freezing systems exactly the same? Same SA# in the back?

2- Did you try moving the SSD and the Memory from a working system into a "freezing" system?

3- Can you try BIOS recovery process instead of Windows BIOS update? Here is the latest BIOS release: Download BIOS Update [BNKBL357.86A]

Let us know the results.


Ronny G



I tested with 2 other NUCs like last one:

1. they are all the same, but I see no SA# at back or bottom. I did pictures and added them here.

2. I exchanged the parts (SSD and RAM) between the two systems, but the problem didn't go along with it. It stays with the system, no matter if the parts are replaced or not.

3. I always updated the BIOS with the F7 prompt at boot and not unter Windows. I also updated the linked Version 0057 with no difference, it still freezes - when I disable Hyperthreading in BIOS the system does not freeze.

Thank you!

with kind regards


Super User Retired Employee

Well, sounds like you have isolated a bad unit. To get it replaced, contact Intel directly and set up the RMA. Here is contact information, by geography: @11 Intel Customer Support Contact Information for US and Canada Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Europe, Middle East and Africa Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Asia-Pacific Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Latin America

You can also try using the Chat service (here: Intel Customer Support Chat Service), but this is subject to PST TZ hours.

Hope this helps,