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NUC7i7BNH unstable video over HDMI

I'm running a NUC7i7BNH with Windows 10 Creators Update, the latest BIOS (0046), DDR4-2133MHz RAM. It connects to a Denon AVR-4000 receiver which in turn connects to a Sharp TV. The video connection over HDMI is unstable while the audio is good. The video seems to stay connected as long as the NUC is in use. Rebooting or the display going to sleep seems to result in dropped video. When the video is down, I can connect to the NUC over Chrome Remote Desktop. I have tried the following with no success:

-moving the HDMI to another input on the Denon AVR

-moving the HDMI directly to a TV input

-moving the HDMI directly to a PC monitor input

-stopping the NUC from putting the display to sleep

-stopping the NUC from going to sleep

I have had limited success in the following, which may simply be luck:

-system restoring to a manually created point made while the video was up

-reinstalling the video driver from the Intel site and blocking Windows 10 from updating the driver

Both of the approaches mentioned above will bring back the video connection, but it eventually fails again.

Any other suggestions?

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Hi DougCalgary,

Please stay the original thread; I am already working on this matter.



Amy C.

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