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NUC7i7BNKQ - Sleep Issues


First of all: I could not find info about the NUC's front LEDs behavior meaning it entered in 'Sleep Mode':

  • Blue Frame and OnOff On;
  • Blue Frame on; OnOff Blinking Blue;
  • or Blue Frame off; OnOff blinking amber ?

Another: when plugged, but off, the LED is a steady amber; shouldn't it be also OFF?

Obs.: I also have a Intel Compute Stick STK2m3W64CC (I deeply regret this line discontinued) and the LED goes blinking amber, when in Sleep Mode; and off, when OFF.

I have a backlighted keyboard (Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge) attached to the NUC

When I go: Start Button > Power > Sleep, just the Monitor is turned off; the keyboard's LEDs are still on; NUC's lights all on (sometimes, OnOff blinking). And it 'wakes up' almost instantly (that's a good thing)

I ran a 'energy report' by typing "powercfg -energy" into the command prompt (at administrator level).

Attached is the energy-report.pdf, showing some issues that may be causing the not-sleeping.

  • Power & Sleep are configured to NEVER (like both my other Win 10 computers, with no sleep issues)

  • All drivers dutifully updated

Any suggestions?

And please clarify the expected LEDs behavior.

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UPDATE (I couldn't stop tinkering...) : it was 'Intel Ready Mode' that was preventing the Sleep. Once I disabled it, my NUC managed to sleep, as expected (with a blinking amber LED, as should)

But I will look into this brand-new app I didn't know about, and bundled installed and enabled -- ' Intel Ready Mode' -- later. Good to know.

(I considered deleting this topic, but I think this information could benefit other users with the same problem)

Anyway: if some new app -- that radically modifies a computer expected behavior ! -- is pre-installed and running in the background, It would be advisable to notify the user about this new feature!

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Hi there, could you answer why is it that when plugged, but off, the LED is a steady amber; shouldn't it be also OFF? Thanks.


Hi, thanks for sharing. And why is it that: when plugged, but off, the LED is a steady amber; shouldn't it be also OFF?