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NUC7i7DNH not POSTing after a couple months being unplugged.


I bought the NUC about 6 months ago, installed a Samsung 512 NVME and a Patriot 16GB memory module and installed Server 2016. It ran fine for about 2 months, and then I turned it off and temporarily retired it as I was done using it for what I needed. I went to power it on a couple days ago, and no POST. After diagnosing, it POSTs with the SSD removed. I tried the SSD in my laptop and it boots fine, as well as vice versa. I swapped SSDs with my other desktop, Samsung 970 Pro 512, and no POST still. No error lights or anything, the power light just comes on and stays on but nothing on screen, even after waiting 30 plus minutes. I have a support ticket open, but wanted to check with the community...

Thanks for any inpur!

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Since you already have a support ticket open, stay with that for support.