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NUC7i7DNKE - latest round of bios upgrades broke Hibernation (Win 10 Pro 64 bit). Is there a fix?


Now, if I select Start/Power/Hibernate, it shuts down as before with lights off, but 3 or 4 seconds later, it powers itself back on, reboots itself and comes up to the login screen. BTW, when in hibernation in the past, there was still power on the USB bus (which I wanted as it allowed me to power the NUC back on by pressing a wired keyboard key, thus saving wear and tear on the NUC's power button.) USB now powers off completely.

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Hello @Sharpdog​ ,

  1. I've checked this on similar NUC7i7DNHE.
  2. First my Bios was on version 0060 and then I've updated it to version 0062.
  3. Under both bios version (and Windows 10 Pro 1809), the NUC behaviour was the same.
  4. After entering to hibernate state, the NUC stayed in hibernate as long it wasn't awaked by me (i.e. didn't reboot itself).
  5. The NUC awaked on mouse on keyboard event in case that mouse or keyboard was touched short time (dew second) after entering hibernate state.
  6. The NUC didn't awake on keyboard or mouse event if touched few minutes after anterring hibernate state.
  7. I suggest to you update your bios using Bios recovery from Power button Menu (F4), rather than from DSA or F7 method.
  8. I've in bios Wake from LAN disabled and Wake from USB from S5 enabled.
  9. I believe that waking from sleep/hibernate state is still a problem in Intel NUCs.