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NUC8I5BEH Boot issue

Hi All

I have an issue after running a windows update, although not convinced this is the source of the problem.
When the system trys to boot it goes straight to a coloured static screen, with two thick black bars running horizontally.
However I can access bios via the power button and have no issue with the image in BIOS.
Even with the M2 boot drive disconnected it will still output the static screen and i can still see it in the boot sequence within bios (when connected), so I'm fairly confident this isn't at fault.
I've run a bios update just to eliminate it, appears to run, (it has part of an overlaying image from the previous menu), the NUC reboots after about a minute and same scenario.
My initial thought is an issue with internal GPU but I don't understand why I can use BIOS with no issue
Any ideas?
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Hi @Nuchelp 

1. BIOS graphics is generated by BIOS firmware loaded into RAM. The Windows O.S. is not running yet. You may run BIOS and have it displayed only with RAM (with SSD removed).

2. So, I think that something was corrupted in Windows during update. If you can boot into Windows, I suggest that you Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade  Use Media Creation Tool method (step 6). You will keep all apps, programs and personal data, just as when you upgrade.

3. If you can't boot into Windows, you may return to the last working configuration from Advanced Option Menu. This menu you can reach after booting from Window Installation Media USB:

  •        Insert Window Installation Media USB into USB port and press Power Button to switch NUC ON. When you see Intel NUC logo, click on  F10 to display the Boot Menu.
  •        Boot from your Windows 10 installation USB.
  •        Select your language preferences and click/tap on Next.
  •        Click/tap on Repair your computer at the bottom. 
  •        Click/tap on Troubleshoot
  •       Click/tap on Advanced options.
  •       Click/tap on System Restore (use a restore point recorder on your PC to restore Windows). 
  •        If prompted, click/tap on an administrator and follow the instruction on screen. Select the restore point form the list. 
  •        After few Nexts, click Finish confirmed by Yes - the restore will start. 
  •        Your PC will now restart and perform a System Restore.
  •        When the System Restore has completed successfully, click/tap on Restart.

Hope this helps





Hi Leon

Thank you for the reply and info on bios, I wasnt aware of this

I haven't yet done as you have mentioned but have managed to get in to the OS. The bizarre thing is you can only do it by Pressing F10 for the boot manager and selecting the windows boot manager in the boot devices menu, it will then boot straight in to windows. It will not do it without this intervention even though the boot device is selected
in bios (and is the only one on the list)
Issue resolved by putting BIOS back to default