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NUC8I5BEH keeps shutting off after non use never used too


My NUC8I5BEH just started in the last month shutting itself off after not being used for awhile. It seems to work fine when I am using it but every morning it is turned off. It also shuts off during the day if it sets for hours unused.


Nothing has changed regarding location and it has plenty of room around it for air flow. At first I thought it might be over heating but you would think that would show up during use not when idle. It had run for many months without exhibiting this shutdown problem.


Any ideas on what I might check to resolve this issue?


The BIOS says the fan is running but when checking the Core temps they seem fairly high. (idle 100-110F max 170-180 F). I never checked Core temps before so I am unclear if these are normal or used to be lower.


Everything seems fine when actually using the NUC but I would like to figure out why it has started crashing when in non use.


I am running all the latest Intel Drivers and BIOS and the latest version of Win 10.






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Run these tools and provide the reports:


1- Intel SSU:

Provide .txt file


2- The Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool


3- Run a Processor stress test using Intel XTU, monitor temperatures and CPU throttling


Since it looks like you can only upload one file at a time I combined both text files together.


Everything passed but the CPU max temps went over 100C (212F) during the stress tests. This seems very high too me but I have nothing to compare.


Before I ran the tests I opened the NUC and it seems clean inside, but I could not get the board out after removing two screws so I blasted some air into the side vents. I saw a video where the fan intakes can become clogged but I could not access the fan unless I can get at it from the top somehow. Another video had someone who removed the CPU cooler and said there was too little paste and reapplied there own.


Nothing crashed but these temps seem very high, what is normal?

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Hello @JCahow​ ,

  1. Your NUC shut OFF or is entering sleep mode?
  2. Please open Windows settings, System. Click on Power & Sleep. click on Additional power settings (on R.H side). Click on " Choose what the power buttons do". You should see settings, similar to the attached image - the Hibernate should be disabled.
  3. In my opinion, the temperatures you see ar O.K.