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NUC8V5PNH multiple monitor




Any  NUC8V5PNH  owner here who can tell me if this NUC can support the following monitor setup;

Monitor 1 on HDMI port1

Monitor 2 on HDMI port2

Monitor 3 onThunderbolt port (Thunderbolt to HDMI) adapter.


Will this work?

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hitronics, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


In reference to your question, yes, you will be able to use a triple display configuration with the Intel® NUC 8 Pro Kit NUC8v5PNH. 

To make it work it is needed to use the HDMI port to connect the first monitor, then to use the DisplayPort or the Type-C port to connect the second monitor, and then from the second monitor do a daisy-chain to the third monitor as you can confirm in the picture below:



Any questions, please let me know.



Albert R.


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No, you cannot simultaneously use the HDMI 2 and Thunderbolt ports for monitor connection. If you use HDMI 2, then monitor support is disabled at the USB-C connector.

All is not lost; you can connect two monitors via the USB-C connector. Three configurations are supported:

  1. If you have two DisplayPort monitors and at least one of them supports daisy chaining, then you can connect a monitor with daisy chaining support to the USB-C connector (with a USB-C-to-DP adapter) and connect the second monitor to the first monitor (via the first monitor's DP Output port).
  2. If you have two DisplayPort monitors that do not support daisy chaining, you can use a 2-port MST Hub with DP outputs (i.e., a USB-C-to-2x-DP adapter) to connect the two monitors to the USB-C connector.
  3. If you have two HDMI monitors, you can use a 2-port MST Hub with HDMI outputs (i.e., a USB-C-to-2x-HDMI adapter) to connect the two monitors to the USB-C connector.

If the monitors you connect are 4K monitors, then only 30Hz connections will be possible. For 2K and lower resolution monitors, however, 60Hz connections are possible.

Hope this helps,