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NUC8i3BEH - Randomly won't resume from sleep

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Two weeks ago i got my new replacement NUC. It’s brand new.

But the original malfunction i complained about still persists in my new NUC as it did with my original one.

Intel support depot have been kind enough to send me this new NUC but I'm still at square one. I really don’t know how to resolve this issue.

My new NUC randomly won’t wake up from sleep ( as my original one did ). It occurs about 24 hours after restart & after multiple actions of sleep & resuming from sleep.

I've re installed windows 10.

I’ve canceled “Fast Startup” on win 10.

I’ve updated all drivers & bios ( bios version 0073 )

My bios settings are set to defaults.

I installed an Intel validated memory module ( kingston kvr24s17s8/8 )

If there’s anything else I should do, please tell me so.

I just wanna fix it. but I no longer believe it's a software issue nor a single unit malfunction. I believe it's a serial malfunction common to all NUC's of the same model as I have.

It's really illogical to have the same issues with two brand new PC's of the same model.


Since my NUC becomes unresponsive  I have no other choice but to pull out the power plug out of the outlet in order to restart it. by no other choice i must do it every single day.

In the last two months there wasn't a single day in which I was free of the latter procedure, either with the original one or the replacement one.


It really makes me wonder how it's possible that only I am the only one in this world to notice this malfunction.


Initially, Intel support team told that my NUC’s memory stick is not Intel validated and that I need to buy some memory module of Intel validated memory cards. so i did so and it cost me another 50 $.

Now I need to buy some other PC from some other brand, because this PC does not serve me as it should. 


I feel like I was scammed.


Thank you


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Hello R.Kede,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


To expedite the process I understand that you have another thread about this same issue, we are going to close this inquiry; so, please continue the support thru this thread that it's already been handled by our experts. 


Esteban Ch.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

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