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NUC8i3BEH Windows 10 - Netflix 4K & HDCP2.2 Failure/Not Available


I recently purchased a new NUC8i3BEH for use as a HTPC.  It is normally connected to a 4k UHD TCL 55C803 via HDMI, which has an inbuilt Roku that successfully plays Netflix/Amazon/Disney+ in 4K HDR.  I want to be able to run Netflix in 4K from the Windows 10 app, on the NUC.

After installing Windows 10 and doing some general updates, I was unable to play Netflix in 4K (checked via the stream stats display - Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q). I subsequently downloaded the Cyberlink diagnostic tool - - and found various errors about Intel ME, SGX and HDCP2.2.  I did further updates, and managed to eliminate the ME error and change the SGX error.  I subsequently determined that Netflix does not use SGX.

I still had the HDCP2.2 error, and after uninstalling and upgrading graphics drivers, I was able to eliminate it and successfully play 4K content in the Netflix Windows 10 app. However, other parts of my Windows installation were very messy after the debugging attempts, so I decided to reinstall Windows 10.

From a fresh installation of Windows 10, here's what I've installed from Intel:

Also I've installed:

Finally, I've installed each of these graphics drivers - uninstalling each graphics driver fully via Device Manager before installing the next one and testing:

The driver that I was using successfully before the reinstallation of Windows, was 8280.  I was using this despite the most recent NUC8i3BEH-approved driver being 8141 because of this thread - and the recommendation from Ronny_G_Intel.  Unfortunately, I persistently get the HDCP2.2 "not available" failure, and Netflix will not play at 4k.

See cyberlink.png for the results I get each time.

See intel graphics command center.png for confirmation that the display is HDCP compatible from that tool.

Any assistance with figuring out what I am missing with this re-installation of Windows that will allow me to play 4k through Netflix on Windows 10 would be very much appreciated.

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I had a similar issue after many failed windows reinstalls cable and HDMI input swaps I did the below and it worked for me. NUC7i3BNH 

1) Download

2)Disconnect internet

3)Device Manager > Graphics > Uninstall driver (ensure the delete files too option is checked)


5)Install the driver downloaded earlier 


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