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NUC8i3CYSM slow performance issue - 10+ hour Windows update


Few days back I brought a brand new Crimson Canyon NUC8i3CYSM1 unit (from Intel seller, sold and shipped by Amazon). This comes with 2.5 HDD with AMD Radeon540.   The windows update (Windows 10 2004)  is going on for more than 10 hours . This is after the initial set of updates has already been run and PC has been in use for 1 day. 


For comparison, I got 2 other Windows10 machines ( Intel i5 8th gen on 2.5 HDD  and Ryzen5 on SSD).  Including the NUC , all 3 machines more or less started the Windows 10 2004 patch update at same time. the first 2 machines finished in 30 mins or less. The NUC unit is still running and its close  to 10 hours. 


The issue seems to be somewhat related to either hard drive ( I suspect).   I have all the Windows driver updated prior to the latest big patch (2004) being applied.    Initially I thought the hard drive 5400rpm is usual for this slowness , but comparing to the otherlaptop that has 2.5 harddisk... its seems issue with NUC unit taking long. 


Is there a known issue with BIOS or Hard drive on this unit?  Seems very odd the windows updates are taking 10+  hours. 


Looking for answers from this forum on how to solve this.  Does Intel warranty cover this slowness / drive issues? 

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I replaced the Optane module on my CY NUC with a M.2 NVMe SSD and saw major speed increases in the overall system. Do NOT use an Optane if you value stability and data integrity.

CY NUC does support NVMe drives fine.

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I was glad to help you. Enjoy!