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NUC8i5BEK black screen on Lenovo q27q-10 560x1440-75hz on Linux


I can't get the NUC to connect via HDMI to a 2560x1440-75hz monitor Lenovo q27q-10 with Linux.

During startup or in GRUB a picture is displayed. The GDM login screen is displayed for a fraction of a second, then the screen turns black. Even if I switch to a console via ctrl+alt+F2 I don't get any signal from the screen anymore.

- On another screen the connection works immediately - with 4K@60hz

- The screen supports 75hz and I can easily connect at 2560x1440-75hz with the same HDMI cable via a Thinkpad T460p using Linux.

- Over 2 live Linux systems (Manjaro and current Ubuntu LTS) there is also no picture.

- I have already tested an older Linux 4.19 kernel version without success.

- Also under Windows 10 I get without problems a 2560x1440-75hz resolution with the same hardware.

- The bios and HDMI firmware on the NUC is up to date. I have already tried 3 different HDMI cables.

So I think it is a problem especially with this monitor and this NUC under Linux. Something seems to go wrong when negotiating the resolution or refresh rate.


If I manually set the refresh rate with xrandr to 60hz it works:

xrandr --output DP1 --mode 2560x1440 --rate 60

Unfortunately a bad workaround, because I can't enter it before the start and I would like to have the 75hz refresh rate.

Maybe you have some advice for me?


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Hello lars_


Thank you for posting in the Intel Community and for completing the testing that you have done.


Based on the troubleshooting that you have performed the display, cable, Intel® NUC, and Windows® 10 allows you to have the resolution of 2560x1440 @75hz, I would be important making sure that you have the proper Linux drivers (you can confirm that with the Linux community), you can also try our intel open-source (



Leonardo C.


Intel Customer Support Technician

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