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NUC8i5BEK fan always on (3700rpm)


I have just got my new NUC8i5BEK and wanted to run a live Linux OS from USB for test first.

The fan is always on 3700rmp although I really do noting with the system - Before I had a Lenovo C560 AIO where the fan was constantly off!!!).

So I entered the BIOS and switched to "QUIET" but nothing changed (although being in the BIOS the fan is constantly running on 3700rpm).

Beside that all temperatures are max 35° C (see screenshot).

If there is no solution for that I will return it... sorry but that constant sound is annoying.



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This issue was addressed in BIOS 0085 update (please read the Release Notes). So, I suggest that you should update your BIOS to the latest version, which is version 0087. Use the BIOS Recovery from the Power Button Menu method:

  1. Prepare USB stick fully formatted to FAT32 (disable quick format option during format). Format your USB on Windows machine (rather than Linux or MAC). Save the Bios file on this stick and insert it into front USB slot with amber color (NUC shall be OFF). You may use also one of the rear USB ports (do not use front blue USB port, since sometime the USB stick is not recognized during boot process).
  2. Press and hold Power Button for about 3 seconds. Count 1001, 1002, 1003,1004. Release the Power Button. NUC should reboot into Power Button Menu. You should release the Power Button before 4-sec shut down override or when the Power Button LED changes color from blue to amber.
  3. Press F4 and the recovery shall start (it can take up to 30 seconds for messages to appear on the screen).
  4. When the recovery finishes, press on Power Button and hold it, until NUC switches OFF. Pull out the power cord. Remove the USB stick.
  5. Replace the power cord and press Power Button to switch the computer to ON.
  6. Enter Bios setting by pressing F2 during boot process.
  7. Press F9(followed by "Y"), to set Bios to default settings. Press F10 (followed by "Y"), to save the settings and exit to O.S. Let the NUC fully reboot.
  8. If before update, you have customized bios settings, you can enter again to Bios setting to change the necessary settings.