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NUC8i7BEH fan oscillates between Min Duty Cycle and full speed with custom cooling profile




A few days ago I got a new NUC8i7BEH which seems to be having issue when setting custom coooling profiles. With Intel default profiles (Quiet, Balanced and Idle) there is no issue, but if I change any attribute in the profile (which makes it a Custom profile), the NUC fan will run on the Min Duty Cycle, but spin up to full speed occasionally without any apparent cause. Note that this is not a gradual ramp-up in fan speed based on the profile configuration, but a direct jump to full speed (4500RPM) which is quite loud and distracting.

Note that I've upgraded to BIOS version 0071 immediately after getting the NUC, so can't say if this has anything to do with BIOS version, but the following topic seems to describe something similar:

Unfortunately the solution in that topic (resetting to default BIOS settings, shutting down the NUC and removing the power supply) did not work for me.


In the meantime I'm mitigating the noise issue by sacrificing some performance - specifically I'm using the TDP-down setting on the core - 20W max turbo boost (PL1) over 20s, with short TDP max (PL2) set to disabled + stock Quiet cooling profile. This way the fan is always between 2200-3000RPM and the temps stay around 50-55C in idle and 70-75C under load.


Any help with this would be much appreciated!


Thanks and kind regards,



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Hi @DZori​,


Just out of interest: Do you know which BIOS version was installed before?


I had to learn in the last months that it is apparently normal that the fan of NUCs (also older models) keeps turning up to slow down.

In my post I had complained "only" that the fan turns up jerkily. This was not the case before 0071 and fortunately it is no longer the case.


In general, however, the NUCs are not optimal when it comes to cooling. Intel unfortunately gave priority to the case size, not to the cooling of the hardware.


If your fan gets faster with a slightly increasing load and then slower with a decreasing load, then from Intel's point of view "everything is ok".

Note: The fan turns up faster than it slows down.





I own a NUC8i5BEH. I am not sure if my expiriences are comparable to i7 models.


Thanks for your comments!


Initial BIOS version on my unit was 0064, but I immediately upgraded it to the latest 0071 so can't say if there was any change between versions.


My issue is not the fan speed increase itself (I understand that fan speed has to increase if thermals get out of hand), but the fact that with custom cooling profiles the fan speed of my unit jumps up from e.g. 1700RPM to 4500RPM directly, and it never seems to follow the attributes defined in the profile (minimum temperature and duty cycle increase rate). This does not happen with Intel stock cooling profiles which seem to work as expected based on the preset attribute values.


Thanks again!

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That sounds weird.

Can you write your settings here (or take a screenshot)?

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Hi DZori,


What are your cooling settings and do you have any pictures showing the described behavior?


I played a bit with setting and it looks like the fan can behave pretty smoothly. Here is am example:





Scr 046.PNG


Scr 045.PNG


NUC8i5BEH, BIOS version 0071.


Best, Peter




Hi Peter,


Thanks a lot for all this information! Your NUC seems much better behaved than mine :) I did some more testing and here's how it looks on my end:


With the Intel stock cooling profile "Cool" the fan seems well behaved, but the idle RPM is to my liking a bit too-high 2200. With the TDP-down setting this goes to the max of 3200RPM under full load, but the ramp is fairly gradual so this is all tolerable and looks as expected. There are no sudden or unexpected spin-ups:




However with my slightly modified cooling profile:


I get unexplained sudden spin-ups to full 4500RPM, without any apparent trigger:




I also tried the settings provided by Peter - these were definitely better, but still show unexpected and sudden spin-ups (though not to full speed of 4500RPM, it tops around 3500RPM) :



Note that this is all with an undervolted and power-limited configuration in XTU:


In default/stock form the noise and spin-ups are worse.


Thanks again to all involved!


Kind regards,




Still haven't had any luck solving this, but I found this thread that seems to show that a few other people are also seeing inconsistent fan behavior with custom cooling profiles:


For now, until some permanent solution is found, I'm sticking with Intel's 'Cool' profile and TDP limiting to control noise output.