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NUC8i7BEH static video image (hdmi) after bios update to version 0066

I received a brand new NUC8i7BEH unit (to replace one with a faulty fan) and everything was working great until I updated the BIOS to version 0066. The update completed successfully, but now when I power on the unit, all I get is the static image (see attached picture). I don't even see the NUC logo. I powered it off/on a few times, removed the power briefly, but it seems like that bios update bricked it somehow.


Is there a way to downgrade or re-flash it (e.g. using a specially prepared usb stick)? What can I do to recover it?

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I think I ran into a bug. I had set the IGD aperture size to 2048 mb before I updated the bios:


I'll have to try to recover it later tonight...

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Do not change the IGD parameters in the BIOS! There is indeed such a bug and it will definitely screw things up. Besides, these parameters are only used by the BIOS, so changing them accomplishes nothing. The Windows driver will dynamically increase and decrease the graphics memory allotment for you as needs dictate.


As for what to do, you want to use the BIOS Recovery process. This is documented here:


Hope this helps,


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Yep, that was it. I was able to recover from it. Once I got into the bios again, the 2048MB option is no longer present, and the setting was empty. Changed it to 1024MB and the system is back to working.


One would think if an option was removed that the new BIOS code or the upgrade process would be smart enough to do something about it... But what do I know, I'm just a Software Engineer myself...