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NUC8i7HNK Bios 0053 wireless keyboard and mouse not working in Bios page


Updated to Bios 0053 when DSA informs there is updated drivers, Bios fast boot enabled. Works fine in every sense until today I tried entering UEFI Bios settings via Recovery mode; it "hangs" at Bios page. Wireless mouse and keyboard is not working. Don't have USB keyboard to try. Restarting encountered "Previous boot up failed. Do you want to fast boot......." Something like that and hangs as Wireless keyboard and mouse is not working.


The only way to boot up is to switch off the power brick wait and on again. If you shut down later it will not boot again "Previous boot up failed. Do you want to fast boot......."


Can I downgrade to Bios 0052? Using the Express mode


Any advise



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Hello @TTan10 ,

  1. You may try to downgrade bios to ver 0052, using HNKBLi70.86A.0052.EB.msi file , however I would suggest to enter bios from Power Button Menu and and disable the Fast Boot. Practically, the Fast Boot is not shortening the boot time and in my opinion introduces some problems.
  2. In order to boot into Power Boot Menu , while NUC is OFF, press Power Button. Continue to hold POwer Button Menu for three seconds (you may count: 123, 124, 125, 126). Release the Power Button, before 4 seconds shut down override occurs. NUC will boot into Power Button Menu.
  3. Now, press F2 to enter bios settings.
  4. From the Power Button Menu you may also press F7 to update bios or F4 to recover bios. You should use .bio file (instead of .msi). The file should be saved on USB, fully formatted in Windows to FAT32.






​USB peripherals are unusable if you enabled the Fast Boot feature in Visual BIOS. The checkbox is under the Boot page of it.


To set it back, firstly power off your NUC, you can unplug the power adapter to ensure the NUC is totally powered off. Then wait for several seconds, press and hold the Power botton for about 3 seconds, you'll go into the Power Botton Menu, if everything goes well as expected, the keyboard and mouse will be usable now, and you can press F2 to enter the Visual BIOS, then turn off Fast Boot feature mentioned above.


BTW, this is really a stupid situation that I met once yesterday. You will be asked to press Y or N while keyboard or mouse or any USB peripheral disabled, how does intel let it happen? There is nothing other than USB peripherals on NUC.


As an update, I did Live Chat with Intel support and is advised to use wired keyboard and mouse, as wireless keyboard is disabled if Bios Fast Boot is enabled. Unfortunately I do not have wired keyboard and mouse to try.


The Power Button Menu mode finally work after many attempts , the issue has been resolved. I suggest NUC8i7HNK and NUC8i7HVK owners use wired K/B and Mouse if they want to enable Bios Fast Boot.


Thanks LWAKSMAN, archon and edger of Live Chat for their advice.