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NUC8i7HNK can’t install Windows 10 version 20h1 or 20h2

What it is I’m having problems I haven’t got a clue what’s causing this but I can’t install Windows 10 version 20h1 2004 and the latest version 20h2 2009 without error messages in device manager exclamation marks appear code 10 and code 28 and in update and security I go to update windows update and nothing the updates are definitely not working properly I’ve tried rebooting windows to see if it’s going to fix the problem I’m panicking over this there must be to fix this but the strangest thing I’ve gone back to 1909 and it works perfect no errors messages In device manager and only one failed update my question is why is 20h1 and 20h2 not updating properly and why are there error messages in device manager I’m hoping knows how to fix this annoying problem.
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I have upgraded one HV from 20H1 to 20H2 and on another did a fresh install of 20H2. No issues. I wonder if you have a bad SSD or memory?
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I just upgraded a HVK to 20H2 without problems.   Then, because I like pain, I did a fresh install on the same HVK.  No problems.  In the past 30 days, I have actually upgrade or clean installed 7 nucs.  All a text book experience.

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