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NUC8i7HVB Audio not working Post upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 Home (64-bit)


Need help for Audio not working for NUC8i7HVB version J68196-504. Sound was working fine on Windows 10 however post upgrade sound no longer working.


Model NUC8i7HVB

Motherboard version J68196-504


Current Operating system Microsoft Windows 11 Home (64-bit) version 21H2 (10.0.22000)


Please help



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Did you tried the build in Windows Troubleshooter?

Setting> System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.

Run "Play Audio" and then "Recording Audio"





Dear Leon


when i used the troubleshooter it run and gve me below 

Turning off audio enhancements might improve sound quality. To turn them off, use the "disable all" checkbox or untick them individually, then click "apply". If you don't see an enhancements tab then your device doesn't have any enhancements.


I checked and  there are no enhancements enabled


Further the troubleshooter stated "Troubleshooter coundnt identify the problem"

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Yo did OK, but I understand that you don't have still audio output? Can you describe how you expect to get audio (i.e. which device is connected? what audio output are you using HDMI, DP or 3.5 mm Audio Jack?).

Please check the Windows Settings  System > Sound if any Audio Device is connected? (see the image as an example from my computer, where I get audio from my monitor, connected by HDMI to NUC).







Dear Leon,

I am using LG Monitor as output for NUC PC. After seeing ur post i found that output devices does not list HDMI. when i tried to troubleshoot output sound i found it stated the device is not connected properly. I tried below troubleshooting steps but the problem still persists


LG Monitor has 2 HDMI Ports and i have 2 different HDMI Cables. NUC has 2 HDMI ports one at front ad one at back of the system


I tried

Changing the existing HDMI cable between LG and NUC and problem still exists

Changing the port at NUC side from rear to front, problem still exist on both the HDMI cables

i tried changing port on LG Monitor to different HDMI port problem still exists


Since i have tried all possibility from port at NUC and Monitor perspective and also tried 2 separate HDMI cables, i feel problem exist within the windows operating system probably with configuration or driver. what is ur view


I have taken snapshots of device manager and system sound sound and attached


i tried updating drivers for all sound cards but it stats that the latest drivers exists


Please do view documents attached



Dear Leon


please not that LG monitor is having Audio speakers 10 watt 2 nos


LG Monitor model - 24MP88HV

Super User

1. From the attached image of System Sound I can see that no audio device is detected. The problem may be caused by your monitor or by NUC. I can see the the Volume is set to zero. Please move the volume slider to right.

2. To verify if the problem is caused by NUC, I suggest that just for test purpose, connect the HDMI output to you TV set and after selecting in TV the relevant HDMI input (i.e. that one connected to NUC), check if can hear the audio.

3. In case that also in the TV set you can't hear audio, proves that the problem is in your NUC. As you understand, the audio signal from NUC is send through the HDMI cable, together with the video signal. Both signals are generated in the AMD Radeon Graphics Processor and controlled  by the Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics Driver. So, in this case, try to update the graphics driver. Please download the latest Radeon Driver Microsoft Version: 30.0.13037.4001. Unzip the downloaded file. Enter the \gfx_radeon_21.30.37.04\ WHQL_211203a-374970C_IntelP22 directory and click the setup.exe to install the driver. Once the installation finishes. reboot your NUC and check if the problem was fixed.

4. In case that in test performed per para.2 you heard the sound in TV, please check the sound setting in your monitor (see the attached image). Please verify that the Sound Out is set to HDMI.






Dear Leon


I was able to restore sound to NUC by downloading and installing the AMD graphics which you have provided. Things have started moving Thanks to  you 


The sound quality is not good and i am trying to identify if there is any new version of AMD graphics driver tuned for windows 11 home edition


when i speak using microphone the output quality of the sound is low