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NUC8i7HVK - Ethernet dropping connection and 2nd ethernet adapter not working



Ive acquired a NUC8i7HVK a week ago and overall it works great, except for the ethernet adapters. I installed windows 10 pro on it.


The primary ethernet adapter (the one close to USB ports) works, but it will sometimes randomly disconnect for a few seconds. I first thought that it was under load, but it also happens during RDP session.

The secondary ethernet adapter is detected, but no matter what it will not detect the cable. I know the cable works as I was using it with my previous computer, and it connects the primary adapter.

I also have a eGPU with a ethernet port on it, and this one works, and will not drop connection. But the point of a eGPU is to only use it when needed, so I need a working, reliable solution for the NUC.


I've installed the recommended driver but it's not doing anything. I ran a hardware test and all is good.


I'm not sure what could be the cause is. The NUC not drawing enough power ? Hardware defect?



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Hello @TBuqu​ ,

  1. The link for recommended driver you have installed is for Graphics Driver only. You will find all the necessary drivers and the latest Bios for your NUC on this page:
  2. As a first you should download and install the Chipset Software:
  3. Next download and install the Management Engine Engine Consumer Driver:
  4. Reboot your NUC.
  5. After installing manually the drivers mentioned above in par. 2 and 3, you may download and install Intel Driver & Support Assistant (IDSA): . With IDSA you may download and install all other drivers and also update Bios to the latest version. However, if you prefer manual installation, you may continue with manual installation instead using IDSA tool.



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